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The China Files: BGI 

BGI is the Chinese genomics company responsible for providing more than 80 countries in the world with Covid-19 testing kits. It has a fascinating origin story  originally founded for China to participate in the Human Genome Project in the 1990s, today it holds half the world’s genetic sequencing capacity. It operates China’s national gene bank in Shenzhen and also has businesses in education, blockchain and life sciences technology. 

This China File contains items from 2000 to March 2021. 

About Our China Files Product

Each China File contains a brief introduction to a company and links to interesting and hard-to-find open source information about that company. We include items such as corporate registration documents, public filings, presentations, academic papers, patents, press releases, social media and court documents. We include files in English and Chinese, as well as other relevant languages. Where relevant, we also insert material from our own archives, documents gathered by reporters at The Wire. Each item is listed chronologically from most recent to oldest and contains a hyperlink to the original source material. We also include a sprinkling of news for readers to contextualize our research. 

At the end of the China File, we include an index of all individuals and companies mentioned in our files. For the methodology on our index, please see our FAQ page. All China Files have a minimum of 100 items, which is about 4 pages. However, for most companies, particularly older companies, our China Files will run to at least 10 pages or over 300 items.