What is included in my download of Who’s Who?  

A list of 100 of the most important people in a given industry focused on China. In addition to executives, we feature others who help make an industry tick — advisors, academics, consultants, regulators, service providers, and power brokers that operate at the intersection between China and the rest of the world.

Each release contains an introduction to the sector and for each individual their English and Chinese name, position and the email of their press contact. For a select group, we have also written short biographies and included photos.

What is included in my download of The China Files? 

Each China File contains a brief introduction to a company and links to interesting and hard-to-find open source information about that company. We include items such as corporate registration documents, public filings, presentations, academic papers, patents, press releases, social media and court documents. We include files in English and Chinese, as well as other languages. Where relevant, we also insert material from our own archives, documents gathered by reporters at The Wire. Each item is listed chronologically from most recent to oldest and contains a hyperlink to the original source material. 

At the end of the China File, we include an index of the individuals and companies mentioned in our files. All China Files have a minimum of 100 items, which is about 4 pages. However, for most companies, particularly older companies, our China Files will run to at least 10 pages or over 300 items. The preview of each China File shows how many pages we provide for a particular company and the time period that our material covers is noted in the product description. 

How can I see when a product was last updated? 

In the right-hand side of the footer of a China File or Who's Who, there is a note as to when the product was last updated. 

How are companies selected for The Wire’s news products? 

Generally, we select important companies with strong cross-border links between China and the rest of the world. We are not limited to covering Chinese companies and, for example, would cover an American company operating in China. 

If you have suggestions on companies or industries we should cover, please email us at newsproducts@thewire.media 

What is your methodology for creating the Index in the China Files? 

We use technology that computes English and Chinese mentions of organizations and people in the text of all items included in the China File and then conduct a human review. During this human review we remove irrelevant mentions of an individual or company. For example, if an individual is mentioned in an advertisement on the side of a piece about a company we feature in the China File, we would remove that individual from our index. 

Our hope with this is that it is easy for users to understand if a company or person they are looking for appears in our China File, identify which organizations or people are strongly related to the feature company, and discover important, but less frequently mentioned connections to a company.

The index for organizations includes companies, government organizations and institutions that appear in three or more documents in the China File. The index for people includes individuals that appear in two or more documents in the China File. In general, Chinese individuals are listed starting with their family name. For both indexes, we provide bilingual entries for key individuals and organizations affiliated with a company. 

Can I order The China Files or Who's Who on demand? 

Yes. Please email us at newsproducts@thewire.media for more details. 

There’s a broken link in an item included in The China Files. How do I access it? 

Due to the nature of open-source research, it is common for links to disappear or be taken down from the internet. Our researchers generally save all links through archival services, such as Wayback Machine. If you have the Wayback Machine browser extension turned on, you will often be able to access the link. We also internally save all items listed in each China File. For items that are freely accessible to the public, we are happy to send you a copy. Please email us at newsproducts@thewire.media. 

Do you offer samples of your products? 

Yes. We have a full length sample of both our Who’s Who product on China’s Oil Industry and a China File on BGI available free to download on our samples page

For other items in our catalogue, we included blurred pictures of all pages included in that product to give you a sense of their length. 

All China Files have a minimum of 100 items, which is about 4 pages. However, for most companies, particularly older companies, our China Files will run to at least 10 pages or over 300 items. 

How can I download the product I have purchased? 

You can download your product by clicking the download link upon checkout. We will also send you an email with a link to download your purchased product. 

I can’t download my report and/or I haven’t received it in my email inbox. Who should I contact? 

Please check that delivery@shopify.com is added to your address book and that our email is not in your spam folder. If you still can’t find the report, please contact us at newsproducts@thewire.media and we will help you. 

Do you offer refunds? 

No, sales of digital products are final. 

What payment methods do you accept? 

Our store accepts payments from all major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Your data is protected through Shopify Payments. 

How do I view my receipt? 

You should receive a receipt via the email you provided when you purchased your product. If you can’t find this receipt, please contact newsproducts@thewire.media.

Who do I contact if there is a payment-related problem with my purchase? 

Please contact newsproducts@thewire.media.

What is your privacy policy? 

Our privacy policy is available here.

Do you offer discount for subscribers to The Wire China? 

Yes. We offer a 40% discount for subscribers to The Wire China. If you are a subscriber who has not yet received a discount code, please email us at newsproducts@thewire.media. 

I’m interested in purchasing reports from The Wire in bulk for my institution or company. Do you offer discounts? 

Email us at newsproducts@thewire.media and we’ll see how we can help.

I’m from a journalism organization or a not-for-profit organization. Do you offer discounts on your reports? 

Yes. We offer a 50% discount on all of our reports for journalists, scholars, universities and non-profit organizations, including think tanks. Please email us for a discount code at newsproducts@thewire.media with evidence of your eligibility. 

Who can I contact if I have questions or feedback about The Wire’s news products? 

You can email us at newsproducts@thewire.media or for questions about our editorial coverage at The Wire China, email us at contact@thewire.media

There is an error in a China File or Who's Who. Who do I contact? 

If you spot an error in one of our products, please email us at newsproducts@thewire.media and we will update the file.